Professional Joiners Tools & Jigs

Professional Joiners Tools & Jigs

All New FC Hinge Jig

Introducing the new FC hinge jig made proudly in partnership with bench dogs-UK. The aluminium rails simply joined together with the splicing rods butted at the two clearly marked points. The hinge template blocks affect the positioning bars that slide onto the t-slot on the rail the fixed positions are clearly marked for both metric and imperial doors.

This gives the standard top hinge position of six inches and nine inches at the bottom. Of course, the hinge blocks can be moved if the need arises. Place it on the door to suit your requirement make sure the jig rail is flush with the top, you will notice the jig sits comfortably on the door, no screws required to damage your lovely pre-finished doors, set your router to the correct cutting depth and you are good to go.

The hinge blocks have been manufactured to enable the perfect fitting of radius hinges as well as square. Remove the jig from the door and place it on your frame butting the clearance stop to the head of the frame, this gives a three-millimetre clearance adjustable up to five millimetres if required.

Router the hinge recesses as required and the door will match up with the frame perfectly. This demo was done using the standard single hinge jig set however there are multiple other options for you to buy on-site, this includes some of the following accessories – double hinge blocks available in the purchase options on the website.

Saving the need to change over for 3-inch hinges simply place the reducing insert into the aperture if you’re using four-inch narrow-leaf hinges place the three narrow-leaf hinge adjustment packers into the slot, there is also a handy single hinge jig option for those that prefer the single hinge jack rail can also be connected to the full-size FC hinge jig for those oversized doors.

There are also some nylon spacer screws to be used on rebated door frames or frames with stops, previously fitted.

MFT Rail Squares

This is the new MFT multifunctional rail square and its got three extra holes and that’s so these holes put on here for two reasons- one was if you’ve got a big counter foiled edge so that does not slip up, so you can just put these in and these line up exactly at the front, so if you’ve got a big edge that will help it sit there.

Secondly, these also can be moved to suit the space in here for an MFT table and if you take it out and put it into this one it now becomes- you can use it diagonally on here MFT table to go at 45 degrees.

So, that’s the new multifunctional rail square, you get two dogs and two 40mm dogs. 4 dogs – so that’s that but the older one has got that original holes in it, so the people that have that can now tap these holes.

So, what they can buy as a pack like in a pack with two 16mm dogs in it. I’ve got them specially made because these holes here are 8mm or 16mm so what you’ll get is this pack and all you do is tap the two original holes that you’ve got in your square.

Tap them through and you can use these 16mm ones. So, once you tap through these 2 holes you get these two dogs here and you put these two dogs in these two dogs again are level here and now you can use the older square with a counter foiled edge.

FC Rail Square

Presenting the all-new FC Tools product range. Featuring the new Rail Square range, Router Base Plates for Makita and Dewalt. The new Domino Vertical Solution. DCS Plate. The all-new Domino Alignment Jig. The brand new Router Sled.
Our new squares now feature less brass and as always they are perfectly square.
The DCS and DVS plates are designed to work with the Domino alignment jig. Set your bar to the required size, ensure the bar is flush to the edge. Clamp into position.

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