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Frank Cochrane


As well as having founded FC Tools I am the sole designer and distributor of all my products. Since FC Was started back in 2017 it has grown tremendously since then in such a small space of time. Almost all of our products are designed and manufactured in the industrious city of Glasgow.

  • Founded FC Tools in 2017.
  • Designer and distributor of all FC Products.

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David EvansCarpenter

Can’t fault this piece of kit, amazing quality of engineering and detail that’s gone into it. Fits like a dream onto my rails and solid as @@@@. Did a simple four cut on a piece of board and checked corners after and it was spot on, repeated a few times and still spot on. Highly recommend this product on pure quality alone but Frank tops it off with his excellent service as well 10/10

Craig Erwood

Two months worth of abuse using Frank Cochrane’s square with my rails system. Still can’t fault it. Used it daily with my two saws kss40 mt55 and p1cc. I’ve used it on small items like a 300×600 mdf panel to 2.8mtr x 0.8 mtr fire door all has been easy to handle and the accuracy has been spot on! No mater the material or size.
If you’ve not acquired one as of yet I’d definitely stick it on your to buy list