FC900 Rails / ddf40 / dd40P / lamello zeta p2


FC900 rail with End Stop. Additional rails are available and sold separately.

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The new fc900 rail now designed to fit the hybrid rail square or the mafell rail square. These rails are 900mm long and can be joined to each other up to three sections totalling 2700. if you need it longer it can be done as a special request. On there own they work with a end stop and will work with your mafell ddf40 and the dd40p .There are stops that you can buy that makes it very easy to line up with other machines like the lamello zeta p2/festool domino ect. THE are designed to fit onto the rails in any position a require allowing you to repeat your layout with spot on accuracy.

1 review for FC900 Rails / ddf40 / dd40P / lamello zeta p2

  1. 5 out of 5

    andyribblevalley (verified owner)

    Having previous experience of using Mafells’ Dowel Drilling Template and 1600 Extension which are essentially extrusions, I was intrigued to get to grips with Frank’s FC900 and duly invested in the rails and several FC900 stops. It also enabled a degree of objectivity in writing this review.

    The option to attach my FC Hybrid Rail Square, which is of course iconic in its precision CNC over engineering was the seller, I was not disappointed. Attaching the rail square and an additional rail length was quick and effortless, the CNC machined slot with the two threaded holes allowed connection of the rails together with absolute precision with total rigidity.

    In use the Rail Square made alignment easy and accurate, the heft of the solid rail allowed clamping of the FC900 at the alternate end with a heavy duty quick clamp, which resulted in a rock solid platform to run the Mafell DDF40. The CNC machine slots to marry the machine to rail was a joy to use, just enough tolerance to insert quickly and easily against alternate circled numbered markings, with absolutely no slop. Attention to detail and over engineering, what is there not to like here?

    I love my Lamello Zeta P2 and the optional FC900 stops are a great investment to make the rail work in conjunction with the Zeta, sometimes a Tenso in conjunction with dowels the middle of a wide shelf helps clamping during glue up. The FC900 Stop is again precise, easy to attach, saves time measuring and prevents parallax and combined errors especially on long runs.

    The Mafell extrusions are good, however, the FC900 is much better, more versatile, superbly engineered, the additional weight is reassuringly tactile and being substantially cheaper than the equivalent Mafell template. At the time of writing FC900 is reduced, if you appreciate precision with design and versatility then its a ‘no brainer’, get one, I don’t think you will be disappointed either.

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